IRD Kiltimagh CLG

IRD Kiltimagh CLG

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  • Premium Office Space
  • Conferencing with a view!
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Sculpture Capital of the West

What we do on an ongoing basis:

This is by no means an exhaustive list but is intended to give some picture of the scope of what we do:

  • Maintain all of our enterprise workspace
  • Work with the businesses in our workspace to ensure they develop to their full potential.
  • Work and support any business project in the area with a potential for economic development and jobs.
  • Maintain our housing stock to the standard required for modern accommodation.
  • Undertake town enhancement projects and support the Tidy Towns Group.
  • Support the efforts of other Voluntary and Sporting Organisations working on behalf of Kiltimagh.
  • Contribute to Regional and National Associations and lobby for policy change, jobs and economic development in the small towns and in the West of Ireland.
  • Operate and Maintain the Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds.
  • Operate and Maintain the Town Hall Theatre at a net cost of approximately €4,000 per year.
  • Carry out all of the grass cutting in all of the green areas of the town including the provision of mowers, strimmers, other tools and petrol.
  • Maintain the Park and Leisure Areas including, Litter Picking, Path Maintenance, Grass Cutting and Weeding.
  • Attempt to create innovative projects for the area like the Greenway and Velo Rail Projects.
  • Support the local groups who conduct the St. Patricks Festival, Choral Festival, Race2Glory and others.
  • Lobby on an ongoing basis for infrastructural improvements for the town including the soon to be delivered (hopefully) Fibre Backhaul for Broadband.
  • Erect and take down the Christmas Lights.
  • Support the work of Tidy Towns with painting, litter picking and street sweeping weekly.
  • Run the Community Employment Scheme for the area which allocates labour to various bodies including Coillte Childcare, Sporting Clubs, Tidy Towns, Playground, etc. and cover the non DSP fundable costs of same generally €2,000 to €5,000 per annum.


What we DON’T do:

In the interest of clarity and to avoid confusion, here is a (non exhaustive) list of what we are NOT able to do:

  • We do NOT provide Grants to any projects. We will where possible direct people to where assistance may be available.
  • We do NOT receive public money for operations. Any public money we receive is for projects and must be matched by our own private funds.
  • We do NOT compete with Private Sector Projects.
  • We do NOT carry out the work of other voluntary organisations though we will work in support of them.