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IRD Kiltimagh CLG

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IRD Kiltimagh CLG. was established because of the need of the Kiltimagh Community to do something for itself. To this day, the organisation is firmly rooted in the Community and doing what our Community Directors feel is best for Kiltimagh in the medium to longer term.

As an organisation, we endeavour to provide facilities and amenities that are useable by and attractive to the local residents in Kiltimagh. We also hope that as well as making the area nicer to live in, that any amenitied and facitilites provided will also make it a nicer area to visit and spend time in.

IRD doesn’t have the resources to do everything Kiltimagh needs. Contrary to a belief held by some, it doesn’t receive public funds for day to day operations, nor does it have easy access to public funds for any projects it seeks to progress in the Kiltimagh area. IRD has exactly the same access to public money as any other voluntary body. It also has the same requirement to provide matching funding.

Therefore, IRD Kiltimagh CLG. seeks to assist the broad number of vibrant and active Community Organisations active in Kiltimagh. Clearly, with its limited human and financial resources, IRD will help those who are most active, doing the most for themselves and doing the most for the Kiltimagh Community.

We will continue to support these groups and also, implement our own programme that in recent times has seen the provision of the outdoor playground, Maghus Castle, the Town Hall Theatre, the Mini Greenway on the Bohola Road, footpath extension at the Swinford Road, to name just a few.

In the near future, we have plans to extend the Greenway further towards Bohola, develop a unique and exciting Velorail project, extend and enhance our walking routes, develop significant cycling and mountain biking routes, as well as a kayaking project.