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IRD Housing Facts:

Who can apply?

IRD Housing is applicable to those not ideally placed to provide their own housing, so in greater detail, we aim to accommodate those:

  • in need of long term housing.
  • who require certainty of tenure.
  • able to afford a lower rental.
  • seeking to be accommodated in Kiltimagh.
  • on the Local Authority Housing List with Kiltimagh as a main choice.

If in doubt as to whether you might be eligible, please contact our office in confidence and we will advise whether or not your application can be considered.

How is Housing Allocated:

IRD has 34 houses / apartments. Eligible applicants are assessed on the basis of :

  • their need in terms of housing.
  • the suitability of the accommodation available for allocation.
  • previous history of the tenant.

Where are IRDs Houses Located?

All of  the IRD Kiltimagh Ltd. accommodation is located within the town of Kiltimagh. We do not provide houses in the countryside nor in other towns.

Benefits of the Scheme?

As well as dealing with local housing needs, the programme has helped with village enhancement through the acquisition of properties that were derelict and refurbishing these in an effort to breathe life and vibrancy into various streets in the town. At the moment, the IRD housing programme accommodates just over 80 residents, which might seem quite little but when one considers that the town population is just 1,000 people, it is a significant proportion.

I am on the Mayo County Council Housing list for Kiltimagh, isn't this enough?

To be considered for housing with IRD Kiltimagh Ltd, you must have made an application to the company for consideration for housing. In the Kiltimagh area, you should be on both the Mayo County Council and IRD Kiltimagh Ltd., housing lists. Even though we work closely with Mayo County Council on our housing programme, we do not have access to the list of applicants for Mayo County Council housing in the area.


Rents currently vary from €57 to €77 per week depending on the number of bedrooms required. Some subvention may be available, depending on the applicants circumstances by contacting the local Community Welfare Officer.